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Hyperlinks are:    # 1.   Search for Many Homes at Once 

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Important:  You will want to save those search pages on your computer,  in your favorites folder or create a short cut on your Desktop. 

 Short cut to your Desktop is best and easiest to return back here.

Here are instructions on how to create a short cut:

Go to the web page you wish to make the short cut back to,   right mouse click on that page in the center, choose
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Anytime you wish to return to this search feature, you can by pass this page and  go directly to the search page.

Happy house hunting and email me which homes you like the best.  I will put them on a saved favorites list for you and when anything changes on that home listing,  we both will get emailed notify us of the change.

I hope this works great for you.  I have other clients who say it works for them. Call or email if you have questions.

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