Advice On Buying a Home

Memo from the desk of William Sires…

                           With over Thirty Three years of helping clients invest in homes for themselves,   I’ve help buyers find just what they want in a home. 

             I look at every investment a client makes and ask myself, would I make this investment myself?       I also consider clients will return one day and want my services to sell their home they invested in today.     Always look to the future and advised my clients with this thought in mind..  

          So here is my advise to you… to help you invest in the best home on the market today.

               1. Use my professional services to help you find the best home before anyone else finds it.   Because the best homes sell fast.

               2. In order to get to the newly listed home first, you’ve got to be working with a live agent, who can inform you of the new home for sale as soon as it is on the market.

               3. The Internet is full of web sites listing homes for sale, but it takes days, sometime weeks before homes are listed for sale on those sites. ( My web site  Services get those new listings right away within hours of it being listed for sale.)

               4. Here is a cold hard fact. Stop trying to do it all for yourself.

               5. Real estate agent should have computer access to the local MLS data base in the areas you want to purchase a home. 

               6. Your real estate agent should have financing knowledge and be able to direct you to the best rate and terms available in the area.    There are many different loan programs available.

               7.  A real estate agent should be able to put this whole package together, from quick daily searches, to negotiating the purchase, to home inspections, to financing, to closing and remind you to switch the utilities before you move into your new home.              

              8. Use an agent with the ability to evaluate property quickly.  He/she will have to right tools and access to this private database of  information and should be able to share this information with you.

             9. If you don’t have that, you won’t be getting the best service possible.   Never do it yourself. Find an agent to stand beside you. Find an agent you feel is trustworthy and stick with that person. 

          OK,  there you have the best advice, you will ever get.. it is plain and it is simple..  

     I use constant daily searches for the customers I am working for.    I always monitoring your transactions to the finish. Looking after every detail, always making sure that you… are given the highest quality service available.   Check out other pages on my website.

         If you have any comments, please drop them to me at:

         You deserve the best, so let me get it for you.

             William Sires

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