William Sires

Real Estate Broker

William Sires
Licensed in State of Iowa

With Thirty Six  Years of real estate experience,   I’ve focused on the quality of my service.  “Better Service” means providing more information and assistance to my clients.    So I’ve  introduced more services and abilities over the years and am still open to finding newer services just for you.  ( I started using computers in 1983 and Internet technologies in 1995.)

It doesn’t take the largest company to give the highest quality service.  In fact, you can quickly get over looked in a larger company.  Fact is,  they have to move you along quickly to get to the next person.   

Quality service means giving attention to the details, taking the time to make sure everything is going right.  It takes experience to know what will happen.  It take experience to know what we do not want to happen and if it does, then how to correct it.  Taking the time to explain the details about what will happen is valuable to you both as a buyer or seller. This takes years of experience to acquire.

If this is the kind of experience you are looking for, then you should not hesitate to give me a call or email and let me know you would like to have me working for you!    Professional Service, everyone deserves it,  don’t you agree,   I know I do!

Good luck and drop me a note.

Have you got a home to sell?.. . I have qualified buyers looking for homes and yours might be it..    Drop me a note or give me a call.. 319-291-6300 which goes to my cell phone then,  please leave a message, because I get so many robo sales call coming from fake local phone numbers..     Willliam Sires  

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